1.  I am a single mom of two boys.
  2. We also have 1 dog and 2 guinea pigs (referred to as “the ladies”)
  3. We travel to a new place every month.  Even if it is just local!
  4. I also own a calligraphy studio called Letter Create – http://www.lettercreate.com
  5. I am an avid watcher of “reality tv” which includes anything on Bravo and E!
  6. I love crafting and art (my business supports that passion).
  7. I used to be a military wife and as a result, have friends all over that still stay connected.
  8. I practice yoga and attempt to eat healthy daily, but love to indulge in new foods and treats! 
  9. I always “know a guy” to get something fixed, solved or found…
  10. I always know a way to fix or change or help someone

I used to be a blogger and my main focus was travel with small children.  We have sailed (transatlantic) on the Queen Mary 2 and we have stayed in places like KinderHotels in the Alps!