The MiniVan Wish List for Travel

I am one of those few people that doesn’t LOVE driving a minivan, yet I drive one and I really appreciate all that it offers.  Room for friends.  Room for luggage.  Room to get a lot of shopping done.  Room to take the pets to the vet.  Room to move.  So many options!  How did my life go from dreaming of a Porsche to the ideal modifications I would make to my minivan!?

But there are few tweaks and needs a minivan needs – some I can add myself, some are beyond my skillset.  I personally drive a Toyota Sienna with all of the bells and whistles.

  1. A vacuum system.  Despite the WeatherTech the crumbs, the bits and the ends of things still end up getting in the cracks and crevices of the van.  It does not matter how many mats you lay down, there are still crumbs — of what resembles dust because it sat for so long.
  2. A mini-fridge.  We have a portable cooler we pack when we travel, but it would be amazing to open up an armrest or a side compartment and be able to pull out cold water or a Gatorade.  It wouldn’t have to be big.  Maybe 4 could fit, I guess more if you have a full van.
  3. Kleenex holders.  One for each row of the car so that each row has access to kleenex.
  4. A refillable pump.  Like the ones you may have on your kitchen sink for dish soap for Antibacterial solution.  We have a giant Costco size of gel floating around the van.
  5. Seats that are not a beast to remove from the middle row.  The Toyota Sienna (2015) model – it takes two adults to take each seat out of the middle row.  It is not for the faint of heart or those that sweat easily.
  6. This is not something I can think of – like what type of product this would be.  But an easy way to get things from the crack between the seats.  Like a set of keys or a favorite chapstick.  I just point the shop vac down there and hope for the best.
  7. Heated seats for the back seat riders, but ones that do not get as hot as the front row.  We live in Wisconsin and this seems like a luxury until you have leather seats and the windchill is -30.
  8. The middle path to the back of the third row, in particular for my model was removable, this cup holder that sits on the ground between the seats in the middle row is disgusting by the 3rd week after it has been cleaned out.  Its where the kids step to get into the third row, it is a terrible design.  I finally laid a bathroom rug down for it.
  9. A place to put your keyless keys.  I just keep them in my pocket or put them in the cup holder, but there are times I forget they are in a cup holder or some other place in the van.  Maybe there is a place to put them while you drive and I just don’t know about it.
  10. The back middle row has seats (on the Toyota Sienna) that slope upward in an uncomfortable way and they can make your legs feel like they are falling asleep.  This is something I wish could be changed.


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