Virtual Game Night To Connect With Friends – During Cornavirus Quarantine – Social Isolation

This week during the Social Isolation of the Coronavirus I put together an impromptu game night on Sunday night with my friends and family.  I host game nights each month for my friends and family and it truly is a special time with food, games, and laughter.  I wanted to connect with everyone and I quickly put together a time to play games over the internet with friends.

Our game time took 2 hours with 5 people, if you scroll down the games are listed!

First of all, you will need a platform for everyone to connect on.

  • Zoom is the most popular platform people are using right now, I could not use it because it was not free for the number of people I had and Zoom requires different downloads and codes.
  • Microsoft Teams is another platform
  • There are some variations of Facebook Live and Facetime where you can create some type of group set up.

I used Google Meet – I already pay for the Google Suite for my business Letter Create so I found that Google Meet was already included in that package.  If I recall Google Suite (if you own your own URL) has a 30 day trial for free so you can try it out also.

To set up a meeting for Google Meet – you do not need software, codes or apps.  You can download the app if you would like to use it from your iPad – but it is web-based and you can use it on your iPad without the app.  All you do is login to your Google Suite account or gmail (so in my case it was and then I went to Google Calendar and created an event (like you would for anything you add to Google Calendar and then click conference and it creates a URL for your meeting on line in Google Meet).


Secondly, you need games!

I had instructed my participants to plan ahead and come up with a few things before the game night.

Game #1  – QuickTionary

I bought this game a few months ago at Barnes and Noble for $14.95

I used a clipboard for the cards


The great thing about this game is I could also participate because it didn’t require answers beforehand.

Game #2 – Pictionary

I would suggest you use Sharpies or Black Markers – it was hard to see other’s drawings over video chat with lighting and other issues.

Before the game party I instructed everyone to come up with 3 words to draw and I made up 3 categories “Vacation, Family, Household”.  You could come up with your own and you could do it right before the game.

We just went around in and each person took a turn drawing their word – first stating their category and then drawing.

Game #3 – Name That Tune

This one we just did on the fly with our Pandor and Spotify and Youtube accounts.  Just playing a little 10 second or so part of the song and we guessed the song.  We went around and each person did three songs.

….867….5309…..and the songs were sung all together and went through my head after

Game #4 – Read My Mouth

This one you each come up with 3 words.  Person, Place or Thing.

On your turn, you tell everyone what the category is – Person, Place or Thing and then you mouth your word without any sound.  Like Read My Lips or some other variation.

Game #5 – Last Letter

This one you each come up with 3 words – any type, any category and you need a timer.

The word In this example is CAR.  Set the timer and then you have to list as many words using the last letter of the previous word – listing as many as you can in 30 seconds.

Example: CarRound, Doorbell, Little

So Car ends in R, so the next word has to start with R

So Round ends in D, so the next word has to start with D

So Doorbell ends in L, so the next word has to start with L

Game #6 – List of Similars

This game you each come up with three questions or a words.

I came up with

  • List Things In Your Purse
  • Fruit
  • Dog Names

Set the time and everyone starts listing things in these questions or words – trying to match everyone else.

You get 1 point for everyone that matches your word and you get 1 point if no one matches you.

So if the example was FRUIT

5 people chose Apple = 5 points

You only had Grapes = 1 Point

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