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Club Quarters Wacker At Michigan

I have stayed at Club Quarters at Wacker 3 times over the last couple of years for girls’ trips.  This is one of those hidden gems that is underappreciated.

I have had the privilege of staying at the top of the building, a lower floor room and suite.

I cannot remember, but there is some difference of name or choice when you are making a reservation to getting a top floor.  However, when I stayed on the top floor there were some stairs that some of the other people on those floors had to use.  Just in case that is an issue.

The entrance is beautiful and historic both inside and outside.  They do not offer valet parking but there is parking nearby – I used the Spot Hero App – (from their website: Get 10% off  Your First Reservation
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We did breakfast every morning around the corner at the Corner Bakery.  I believe they offer breakfast options though.

What I also loved about this hotel is that they have secure elevators – you need your key to access your floors and they had a great front desk staff that was very friendly.  We chose this hotel because of the price and the location and just a place to stay because its a Girls Weekend not a family trip!  The first time we booked it I was nervous but we were so surprised!

The rooms are small like European rooms, and they have double beds so my friend and I had to cozy up but that wasn’t a big deal.  The bathrooms are small but they were cleaner than the Palmer Hotel (which was twice as much!).

We forgot a wine opener for the wine we toted to the hotel – well actually we were booked in a room that was facing the giant Trump sign so we had to have our room changed.  When we switched room we lost our wine opener in that process but they sent someone up after we tried all the Youtube and BuzzFeed hacks to open wine without a wine opener.

They also have these refill stations on each floor to refill your own water bottle with filtered water – or you can use one of their water bottles!

The one time I stayed there I got an upper floor room but I am not sure how you book those rooms – there is some different in the name in which you book those rooms under – like Wacker on Michigan or Club Quarters or something – I do not recall.  But the top floor rooms are amazing and the same cost.

Top Floor Room

Room on the Top Floors
Regular Room (Double)
Another Regular Room (Double)

If you are just looking for a very affordable option that is clean, safe and close to everything this is a great pick!

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