Stout’s Island Lodge – The Search Lady Review

This past Labor Day weekend I took the boys to a place called Stout’s Island Lodge.  I came across this beautiful place through the Travel Wisconsin website.  I booked us a room in the main lodge – we got the room called “Main Lodge 1” and I also booked us a day of driving a Gator (off the island).


We arrived right around check out time to the docking area for the island.  There were other people there but the signage and the information for this part of the process were not outlined online or there.  When you are traveling with children, especially with only 1 adult, it would be very helpful to note these things for this location:

  • Where to unload luggage – we unloaded in the gravel parking lot, dragging our wheeled suitcases through the dusty gravel, if it had rained I cannot imagine the mess.
  • My son had to go to the bathroom – the house where you check-in had no signage where the restroom was.
  • Check-in Desk – there was no one there to check us in for at least 30 minutes.

We boarded the pontoon boat with two very friendly and talkative young guys.  My boys asked a million questions about the boat and the island.  This alleviated the sour start to the check-in process.

The luggage was whisked away and brought to our room!


On The Island 

When I traveled to Little Palm Island  they had a person that gave me the rundown of the island and its amenities.  We didn’t get any of that, we were led (pointed) to the Main Lodge and from there we were pointed as to where to go for our room.  When we go to our room I started to google the Stout’s Island map and amenities.  The room (I don’t know if it was just our room or its a standard at their resort) – did not have any of this information.

We discovered that there were a few amazing amenities that we partook in and there were many we found out from other guests or our waitress.

  • Badminton – this was not set up and was not available
  • Bag Toss or “Corn Hole”
  • Bon Fire – this was a highlight for us in the evenings.  I don’t often participate or do the bonfire at other resorts but it was there and it was really nice to grab a drink at the bar (soda for the boys) and do smores and hang out with the other guests.  As a result, my kids made friends with 2 different families!
  • Night Crawfish Hunting – this is not a resort activity, this was an activity we got invited to do with a family as a result of going to the bonfire.  I was nervous but then LOVED it!  It was so rewarding for the boys and they had a blast doing it.  The third night we were there we shared the love and taught another family how to do this crawfish hunting!
  • Croquet – this is on the lawn and we tried this, we were able to get the game rules from the main office.
  • Fishing.  This was really fun – Jacob had a broken hand so I had to bravely do the worms.  HOWEVER, there was a VERY grumpy older man that worked at the resort that was mad that the kids were going through too many worms.  None of the adults were fishing – the kids were catching and releasing little tiny fish.  I am not sure what this man was concerned about the worm population.  The resort provides the worms as part of the experience if they were tight with their worms they could charge for them after a certain amount or some other system.
  • Hiking.  The boys and I did a lot of walking and hiking around the paths.  There are many of them to enjoy.
  • Board Games.  We brought our own but we did see a lot of people enjoying this activity.  The resort had a good selection of games.
  • Billiards.  We tried out a game of pool.  BUT the lighting.  In the boathouse is terribly labeled and it is incredibly dark in there at night.


We ate at the restaurant for our dinners and breakfasts.  The breakfast buffet was just average.  They did not have a lot of variety or fresh fruit.  The waitresses did not seem to want to be there.  I ordered off the menu the second morning and had to send my dish back for not being cooked properly.  But the chef was super nice about it and she turned that experience around with her personality.  The dinners were good, we also met some of the same families we had met in the evenings.  There was not a lot of variety on the menu for us – I felt by night 2 we had tried everything.  It would be nice if there was more variety on their menu.

Our Room

We had a very spacious and bright room.  We had a king-size bed, a bathroom with an antique tub and a large bathroom.

There were a few things that, despite the price, should have been taken care of or improved upon.

  • We had no hot water the first night.  They sent over the desk lady who didn’t know how to fix it.  So we had to wait from 6 PM until 1 PM the next day.  The hot water issue was underneath the building.  We didn’t get any type of apology.  The funny part is we were even on the Pontoon boat that afternoon with the Owners of the Island (they gave us a ride because we just missed the pontoon boat) and we mentioned it to them and they were surprised and that was it.
  • Further, the shower was extremely OLD and dated – but I think it was the “charm” and the bathtub had a streak of brown….which may be the water or rust…..
  • The floor and area on the other side of the bed smelled faintly of puke.  We completely avoided it and mentioned it to the cleaning lady.  Nothing was done regarding that.
  • NOTE:  The doors on the rooms for all the rooms do not lock.  Do not bring any valuables!
  • And lastly…..for a room that is on the first floor (see photo) – there is a room right by the door to the building with an outside light on all the time – with no curtain or blinds.  None of the blinds in our room worked properly.  So it was like sleeping on a runway.  (In The Photos It Is the Window Above The Window A/C Unit – it has a valance but no blinds and outside that window is the entrance to the lodge with a light – so a direct view into our room from that window for anyone going into the building and a blasting ray of light all night long)

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