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Peninsula Hotel Chicago

I booked this hotel using the app and secured a very good rate for our stay.  However, when we checked in the guy at the desk did not accept my reservation with and checked us and charge me 3 TIMES the amount I secured the reservation at, which amounted to close to 3,500 dollars.  I spent HOURS trying to fix this problem while my kids were playing at the Childrens Museum.  When they finally, hours later, honored the correct amount after

Call 1:  Called front desk.  Response – call we cannot help you (15 minutes)

Call 2:  Called – Response – super helpful let me call the hotel and see what we can do (38 minutes)

Call 3:  Called front desk.  We spoke to but we need a manager to approve this. needs to call us back and modify the reservation. (9 minutes) but they will immediately reverse it.

Call 4:  Called and sat on the phone with them again for about 45 minutes for them to put me on hold, call the peninsula.  They were more than helpful and said that if the Peninsula continues to not honor this reservation they will reimburse me for what the Peninsula charged PLUS the reservation cost that I was originally going to pay.

Call 5:  Called USAA (bank) and an hour later – they said that the charge was still there, nothing was reversed.  The Peninsula needs to call them to do this over the phone and it will be done immediately.

Call 6:  Called front desk.  Their accountant did reverse it.  But they did not call the bank.

Call 7:  Called USAA to verify this information, they had nothing on their end.

Let it go because the boys had a cooking class at Oiu Chef Chicago!

Came back to the hotel, went to our room (kind of worried our key wouldn’t work) and about 2 hours later just before we were heading to dinner the front desk called to state that they would settle this on Monday or when we check out on Tuesday or within the following week.  And they would give back $150 to compensate for this hassle….


We got a room with a King Size bed which is getting more challenging to pull off because the boys move all over the place and I end up on a couch or a chair, but they insist.  The closet was all set with slippers and robes in tiny to big for all three of us.  The bathroom was beautiful and there was a TV for the sink area and the bathtub.  There were a Nespresso coffee station and a fridge.  There were so many outlets and tablets and a big TV.  The small touches for the boys like the cupcakes and cookies and the little bears were so cute.

The downside is that a lot of the chargers and charging cords in the room did not work.

The toilet area smelled like urine, however, they freshen the bathroom twice a day, it was definitely noticeable in the mornings.  What I did love is they took a lot of time to make the bathroom so nice after we used it by the turndown service.  They arranged my makeup neatly on a towel.  They made sure we had fresh towels.

The maid and turndown service was a favorite and nice touch for this hotel.  They made sure not to forget all of the details including lining up our slippers by the bed for all of us.  Making sure everything was tidy.


We did not partake in the food services.  The pool has a menu and servers but we brought our own less obvious snacks and I bought some wine at Whole Foods that came in a carton thing so it was less obvious.  Otherwise, a glass of wine is upwards of $20.  I have eaten at Shanghai Terrace (over the summer) with a friend and we were able to sit outside on the terrace and it was truly a magical experience.  But the boys were really interested in things like Giradehlli for late-night ice cream and eating at Benny’s Chop House.

The pool area was not as nice as I was expecting it to be.  There was not enough seating for all of the people so I had to sit on this tile wall ledge for the majority of the time.  The floor was dirty with something that looked like black specs that were sticking to my feet.  There is a really poor design where the locker rooms and showers are across a long dark tile hallway through a lobby space.  When you get out of the pool – as much as you try to get your kids to dry off, you are walking dripping wet across this hallway with chairs and a lobby for the spa to the bathrooms.  And this was a busy time so it was all wet.  The attendant was more interested in getting tips and serving food instead of refilling the towels, cleaning the floors and making things decent.  We went to the locker room and got our own towels (tiptoeing across the tiled hall lobby) and I would not want to take my shoes off.  And AGAIN why do hotels but big cloth cushions that are inevitably soaked by someone else’s rear end…. it is so gross.

The staff at the Peninsula was SOOOOOOOO nice.  I would give them more stars on service and the small details if I could.  I was so impressed at every turn and every interaction at this hotel.

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